Our mission to protect at Anthem Memory Care

To Protect

Balancing safety with freedom and respect for each person.

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia need a unique level of protection.

Taking protective measures for your loved one doesn’t mean impeding or inhibiting who they are as people. At person-centered Anthem communities, you will never find your loved one closed off into small spaces that restrict their personal freedom to move and experience life. What you will find are plenty of open spaces, designed by experts to encourage movement and optimize the senses --- a truly safe haven that respects the individual preferences and capabilities of each resident.

In addition to looking out for physical safety, our promise is to protect that which is most precious to you and to your loved one, namely their sense of “self”. It means preserving the very essence of what makes your loved one unique and not engaging in any practices that do not recognize and value the individual spirit.