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Our Residents are Out and About and Giving Back!

At the heart of purposeful living is helping others. Nothing is more emotionally rewarding than giving back. It can take many forms, from supporting local charities, to volunteering, to donating goods to local homeless shelters, and other activities that lift up those around us and help make their lives better.

At our Anthem Memory Care communities, our residents are involved in a variety of projects that allow them to connect to and engage with their local communities. Many of them were civically active in their earlier years and appreciate the opportunity to continue to give back to others. And, when it involves using their abilities and talents, better yet!

Studies support the benefit of sense of purpose for individuals experiencing cognitive loss.

You may have heard of Chicago’s Rush University study that showed the having a positive sense of purpose helped reduce cognitive decline by 50%.

Another study conducted by Johns Hopkins found that MRIs conducted on elderly individuals who were participating in tutoring programs for children had stronger cognition. The area of their brains known as the hippocampus showed less atrophy.

While civic engagement has not shown to reverse dementia, it may help to bolster cognitive function, which could in turn help slow the progression of the disease.

This is one of the reasons our Anthem Memory Care communities ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for our residents to use their skills and talents to bring joy into the lives of those around them. Here are a few examples of our special projects and “random acts of kindness”:


Residents and staff of Morningside Place Memory Care in Overland Park, Kansas decided to bake cookies and hand-deliver them to the assisted living community next door! It was part of their Random Acts of Kindness Week project.

Former police officers from Porter Place Memory Care in Tinley Park, Illinois took a batch of homemade cookies to the local station to swap stories and thank first responders for keeping the community safe.

For their Random Acts of Kindness Week project, residents of Willowbrook Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado handed out roses in a local mall to surprised shoppers!

If you are caring for a loved one living with dementia, look for opportunities to bring meaning into their lives. Ask them how they’d like to help and encourage them to put their abilities to work for others. It can be in the form of small acts of kindness; helping to get canned goods together for a local charity drive or going through old clothing and finding items to donate to local shelters.

It is important to always remember that leading a purposeful life and giving back isn’t only for some people. It’s for everyone.

(Our header image shows a canine recipient of goodwill as of residents of Willowbrook Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado donated blankets to Pepper’s Senior Dog Sanctuary. Seniors helping other seniors! The event was covered by local TV station KDVR, Channel 2.)