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Respite Care at Anthem Memory Care

When You Need a Breather, It’s Time for Respite Care

Those who care for a loved one with dementia will tell you how difficult it is to get the breathing room needed to take care of their own needs. Doctor and dentist visits are put on hold, coffee with friends is a rare event, and the mere idea of taking a vacation is off limits.  

Neglecting to address personal needs, however, opens family caregivers up to serious physical and emotional health issues. And ongoing neglect can become a ticking time bomb often leading to a major health incident which impacts the entire family.

That is where respite care comes in.

What is respite care? It is an arrangement whereby a certified care provider steps in to care for your loved one over an agreed upon period of time to give you time to catch up on appointments, those missed coffees with friends, and maybe even a short vacation.

Choosing in-home care will bring a licensed professional caregiver into your loved one’s home and provide around-the-clock care. This may be for a day or longer, depending on your needs and their schedules. It can be arranged by contacting a local agency that specializes in in-home care. Alternatively, an assisted living or memory care community may be a good fit, providing a level of care that is hard to achieve at home. 

In addition to the benefits that respite care provides to caregivers, a short stay in an assisted living or memory care community can benefit your loved in the following ways:

  1. It gives your loved one a taste of senior living. Every community is different, but they should provide your loved one with all the basic amenities they have to offer, such as activities, events, and a full dining experience. It lets you evaluate the community as well. It’s an opportunity to connect with the staff and get your questions answered.
  2. It gives your loved one a chance to socialize with others. Socialization is so important to emotional wellbeing. This is especially true for individuals living with dementia. A respite stay at a memory care community can provide a safe and caring environment for those with dementia to interact and engage with others.
  3. It won’t break the bank. Respite care does not have to be expensive. It is in the best interest of senior care communities to provide respite care rates that are affordable. Make sure, however, that what you pay includes all meals and activities, as well as 24/7 professional care.

Finally, when you return from your respite, your loved one will benefit from a caregiver who is refreshed, recharged and ready to put more energy and compassion into providing loving care for them.

Our Anthem Memory Care communities are here to help give you that time off you need. All of our communities provide respite care. Find a community near you and give us a call. We’ll help you schedule a preliminary visit