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12 Helpful Aids for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease: Put These on Your Shopping List

Relatives of loved ones with Alzheimer’s often ask us, “What else can we do to help?” In addition to providing emotional support, consider putting a couple of the items below on your shopping list. These are aids developed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. They can help with every day challenges, as well as bolster emotional well being for your loved one.


  1. Digital clocks and calendars: Come with large, easy to read, numbers and letters. Look for ones that are LED back lit for optimum viewing.
  2. One touch radios: Can be programmed to favorite stations, with single touch operation.
  3. Easy to use TV remote: Programmed to enable one touch on/off and easy toggle to favorite stations.
  4. Memory picture phones: Include photos of loved ones next to their corresponding phone numbers.

Safety for “in-home” care or visits home:

  1. GPS trackers: Typically sold in the form of a pendant or watch. These enable tracking of a loved one who may be prone to wandering. But make sure they wear it!
  2. Door alarm monitors: Positioned to trigger an alarm when the door is opened.
  3. Appliance power monitors: Alert caregivers when appliances are turned on and/or left turned on for a period of time.

Emotional support and comfort:

  1. Soft blankets, robes and apparel: Materials such as chenille and combed cotton are pleasing to the touch which can help reduce anxiety.
  2. Stuffed animals: Soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, a stuffed animal can help with depression and anxiety.


  1. Activity boards and rolls: Designed to give fidgeting hands an outlet. Be sure to select items that are crafted for adults.
  2. Art balls: Designed with bright colors, they can be twisted into interesting shapes. They provide an eye-pleasing way to release restless energy.
  3. Memory card games: Designed for everyone to win, these games serve primarily as a fun way to help stimulate and explore past memories. No wrong answers!

These items will help make your loved one’s life (and, in many cases, yours) easier. All of the above items are easily found on the internet. Take some time to explore and price compare. Be sure to repeat your search every so often. As research and technology continue to advance, you can expect to see more innovative products come into the marketplace.