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Museum Visits Connect Our Residents to Memories and the World Around Them

When was the last time you visited a museum? Perhaps a better question is when was the last time you took a loved one with dementia to a museum?

Did you know that museums have an ability to trigger memories? Whether it is a visit to an art museum, a vintage car museum or a wildlife refuge, the experience of walking through a museum can connect individuals with dementia to their past as well as to elements that interest them, move them, and stimulate their intellect.

An increasing number of studies show that providing an individual with dementia with opportunities to observe and interact with historical artifacts and other exhibits can provide cognitive stimulation, improve social engagement, and promote a stronger sense of well-being.

In short, a visit to a local museum or other center that provides educational value can be therapeutic to individuals who may feel increasingly cut out of the cultural experience provided in those environments.

Recognizing these benefits, an increasing number of museums are adding special exhibits and programs to encourage participation by individuals with dementia. The impact has been positive.

Leaders of programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) have even found that individuals with dementia often can see things in paintings that no one else can. And their keen observations can enlighten those around them.

It is for all of these reasons that Anthem Memory Care communities actively pursue opportunities to take residents on field trips to local museums, aquariums, wildlife refuge centers, and other places where they can enjoy a meaningful interactive experience.

Below are a few of our favorite outings:

This car buff of Greenridge Place Memory Care in Westminster, Colorado really enjoyed the vintage car displays at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, Colorado.

The maritime exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry was popular with residents of Harvester Place Memory Care in Burr Ridge, Illinois!

A fun “photo op” at the SeaQuest Midwest Aquarium brought out the smiles of residents of Willowbrook Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado.

The Aurora, Colorado Freedom Memorial was particularly meaningful for these veterans and residents of Chelsea Place Memory Care.

If you have a loved one with dementia, take some time to research local museums and other places of interest to see if they have any special programs that cater to individuals with cognitive impairment. If you can’t find one, try to schedule your visit on a day that is less crowded. Consider taking a trusted friend or family member along. You may be surprised at a memory or two sparked by the visit or at the increased interaction between your loved one and those around them.  

(Our header image shows a resident of Harvester Place Memory Care in front of a Titanic exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.)