Senior Living Communities at Anthem Memory Care

Our Story. A labor of love.

Anthem Memory Care was founded by friends and colleagues. We came together around a common interest - a genuine and deeply personal desire to serve the seniors in our own families and the families within our communities. Because Alzheimer’s disease, other types of dementia, and the necessity of senior care has touched each of our lives in a personal way, we have combined our expertise in the areas of senior housing and care, real estate development, construction, and finance, to form Anthem Memory Care. This endeavor has truly been a labor of love.

Our senior living story
Anthem flame logo

About the Anthem Flame and Lantern…

We designed the Anthem flame as our logo because it carries special personal meaning for our company’s founders. The Flame represents the Holy Spirit, the individual spirit, and the community spirit, each of which anchor our personal and professional values and guide our corporate mission. The name Anthem represents a song of praise and loyalty to the people who live in our communities as well as those who work in service to our residents. We believe that each person in our communities plays an important and unique role, and we value their commitment to excellence in memory care. It’s their song: a personal Anthem for each individual with whom we interact.

Just as the Anthem flame represents the spirit of Anthem care, the Anthem lamp represents the capture of that flame in our communities. The lamp lights the pathway towards connecting your loved one to you, your family and to the world around them, and to keeping them connected with life.