Senior living in Burr Ridge, IL

Our Mission

It is our daily mission to build a close relationship with our residents, using a highly personal “one-on-one” style of communicating and relating. We strive to extend that personal approach out to the entire family, because we believe that better connections are personal ones.

We are committed to creating a safe, active, and friendly environment, to fulfilling our residents’ desire for understanding and significance, to pursuing personal and professional growth, and to providing peace of mind in everything we do.

Our mission is all about optimizing the potential for cognitively impaired individuals to find comfort, joy and a connection with the world around them. We do this by:

  • Protecting them without inhibiting them, while preserving their inner spark
  • Engaging with them in positive ways that help re-connect them to others and themselves
  • Providing a loving, compassionate environment that supports the growth and wellbeing of every individual who works, visits and lives within our communities
One of our resident couples here at Harvester Place smiling at each other like they're seeing each other for the first time