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Anthem Memory Care team celebrates 15 year anniversary

Anthem is Turning 15! Fifteen Things to Know About Us

How time flies! Anthem Memory Care turns fifteen this month. Ours is a story full of ideas, vision, challenges, and great joy.

Founder, Isaac Scott, recalls the emergence of the Anthem concept from his own experience years ago. “I watched my grandmother transition from care facility to care facility and realized there had to be a better way to support loved ones with dementia,” he recalls. “My grandmother and, subsequently, my grandfather ended up living their final years at a home called Cornelia’s House, where they experienced love and joy despite their cognitive decline. We started Anthem to take the magic of that home and provide it on a larger scale.”

Today, Anthem Memory Care consists of nineteen communities and growing. Growth, however, doesn’t diminish the mission of “Protect, Engage, and Love”, which remains central to our guiding principles, never wavering in our commitment to our residents, families, and staff.

We thought a great way to celebrate would be to share with you 15 things that we feel define our communities and our organization.

Did you know that …

  1. We are trailblazers. Anthem Memory Care is the first memory care provider to receive the Well Health certification.
  2. We are a “Great Place to Work”. Each of our communities has attained the “Great Places to Work” seal of approval with consistently attain high scores from our employees. Glassdoor has ranked Anthem Memory Care above our competitors in 10 qualitative categories.
  3. All our managers are Certified Dementia Practitioners. All our staff receive Alzheimer’s certification through the Alzheimer’s Association as a part of their onboarding experience.
  4. We partner with industry recognized experts. This includes engaging renowned dementia expert and author, Dr. Tam Cummings, to conduct seminars and provide opportunities for everyone to learn about dementia.
  5. We recognize excellence within our teams. We are committed to developing our employees from within, as evidenced by our recent promotions of employees to VP of Clinical Services, two Regional Directors of Operations, a VP of Programming, and a Senior Life Engagement Director.
  6. Promoting a positive culture is at the heart of what we do. We lead with culture by acknowledging the importance of building a culture of support, inclusion, and growth. This includes not only our residents but every member of our staff.
  7. We work with Pathways of Purpose. This is a philosophy embraced by our entire team that revolves around creating an environment of meaningful engagement between residents, families and staff. A daily connection to meaning and purpose brings a higher quality of life.
  8. Anthem is more than a name and logo. The Anthem flame represents the Holy Spirit, individual spirit, and community spirit, each of which anchors our personal and professional values. The name “Anthem” represents a song of praise and loyalty to the people who live and work in our communities. The Anthem lamp lights the pathway forward to connect residents to their families and the world around them.
  9. Our communities are full and thriving. A great example of this is Highline Place in Littleton, Colorado, which has been at 100% occupancy for the ten years it has been in operation.
  10. Our future is built on quality, not quantity. We strive towards manageable growth to maintain the strong cultural bond we have with our communities and partners. We aim to be the best, not the biggest.
  11. We believe that technology should be an enabler, not a replacement. That is why we have implemented best in class technologies, including falls management, engagement technologies, and clinical care tools to enable our team to work smarter and optimize care for our residents.
  12. We are champions of purposeful living. Our residents and staff regularly engage in projects, activities, and fundraisers to give back to the greater community.
  13. The pandemic tested us, and we came out ahead. While we were impacted like all care communities, our employees went the extra mile to maintain a safe, caring environment for our residents. Isaac Scott personally hit the road to secure hard to source protective gear and sanitizers for the communities. Programs and protocol were redesigned to help protect communities in the event of future health emergencies.
  14. We support all families of loved ones with dementia. We do this by providing free dementia support groups as well as respite care programs for potential residents to try out our communities while their family caregivers have time to recharge and care for their own health.
  15. Protect, Engage, and Love is more than a motto. It is our mission, one that our team lives and breathes every day, and from which our employee-led Code of Conduct was created.

We invite you to find an Anthem community near you. Walk in and you’ll feel a sense of connectedness and purpose between all those who live and work inside our doors.

Happy birthday, Anthem Memory Care. We’re proud of our first fifteen years. Here’s to the next fifteen!