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Harvester Place Memory Care resident bakes cookies from scratch

Celebrating the Talents and Skills of Our Residents!

One of the hardest parts of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is feeling a sense of loss of that special individual and his or her place within the family. It can be painful to remember how mom used to love her books or how dad used to love his days out on the golf course or working on a project in the garage. Painful, because these treasured memories have a special value that can’t be replaced.

There may be ways, however, to recapture some of these memories and bring them back to life in new ways. It starts by learning to leave former expectations aside and shifting your mindset to acknowledge your loved one’s limitations. With a different outlook, you can find small ways to tap into some of those former skills and talents and, in the process, identify a new source of pleasure for your loved one and your family.

At Anthem Memory Care communities our staff members are always on the lookout for the former craftsmen, artists, bakers, music lovers and even the performers in our communities. Because we believe that, while each individual may only retain bits and pieces of what they used to do, those bits and pieces can bring true moments of joy to them, their families and our loving staff members.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy these photos, sharing some of the wonderful talents of our Anthem Memory Care residents.

A lovely piece of mixed media art displayed by a resident of Greenridge Place Memory Care in Westminster, Colorado.

This resident of Grace Point Place Memory Care in Oak Lawn, Illiniois, couldn’t wait for Spring to get to her beautiful garden.

At Emerald Place Memory Care, in Glenview, Illinois, the  kitchen comes alive when the resident chefs get involved.

This resident of Harvester Place Memory Care in Burr Ridge, Illinois shows off her skills on the putting green.

A former professional dancer holds dance class at the barre at Chelsea Place Memory Care in Aurora, Colorado.  

At Willowbrook Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado, a resident makes magical music from the piano.

Do you have a loved one with dementia? What did he or she used to that brought delight to your family? What skills did they possess that your family relied upon?

Never give up trying to re-connect your loved one to the hobbies and talents they once had. While it will be a different kind of connection, with patience and love, you may be surprised at the moments of joy it will bring!

(The main image on this blog is of a resident of Harvester Place Memory Care in showing off her “from scratch” baking abilities!)