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Cascade Creek Memory Care Rochester Minnesota

Window Art Continues to Bring Joy to Our Memory Care Residents

Back in the early days of the pandemic, when everyone was quarantining behind closed doors, something amazing was in the works outside the windows of our Anthem Memory Care communities – window decorating!

While we certainly had enjoyed window decoration before the pandemic, the desire to bolster the spirits of our residents poured out into the greater community and we were privileged to host scores of family members and youth groups who put their creativity and energy to work, decorating our windows and bringing so many smiles to our residents.

Well, the good news is that the “fine art” of window painting and decorating continues! And we’re glad it does for so many reasons, including:

  1. Residents enjoy looking at the beautiful colors and messages displayed on their windows. Residents like to smile and wave at the young artists as they transform their windows. It connects them to a younger generation in a fun way.
  2. Students, youth groups and family members get to show their love and respect for residents by creating fresh and fun messages and images. It is a purposeful activity that raises the sprits of everyone.
  3. The artwork itself brings a festive, personal touch of décor to our windows that visitors can enjoy as well as everyone who works inside our doors.

It’s also a great way to celebrate seasonal holidays.

Recently a window-art project at Cascade Creek Memory Care in Rochester, Minnesota was covered by local TV channel, KTTC. The reporter interviewed members of the local youth group from Church of the Resurrection. Their mission was to create some special artwork to celebrate Valentine’s Day. “We went outside and just started decorating the windows,” youth group member, Claudia Pelowski, told the KTTC reporter. “All the older people would come and watch us, and they would clap, and they thought our drawings were really nice,” she said.

Below, a Cascade Creek resident and family member enjoy lunch in front of a festive Valentine’s window!

The window decorating brought a lot of smiles (and applause) from everyone, from residents to staff to family members.

Tiffany Bell, life engagement director at Cascade Creek, talked about the project and the impact it had on residents and staff. “This opportunity just seemed to present itself as a wonderful way to brighten the days of our residents and spread a little bit of cheer right here as we head into Valentine’s Day,” she said.  

(Our top image shows a loving message artfully drawn on an outside window at Cascade Creek. Image is courtesy of KTTC TV.)