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Fact Sheet: Visitation Guidelines  

We have established the following guidelines to protect all residents, visitors, and team members.  Please understand that these guidelines were developed in coordination with the guidelines put forth by CDC/CMS/IDPH.  If the state decides to discontinue these visits and/or change the guidelines, I will communicate that to all of you.  Outdoor visits are still highly encouraged and are the preferred method of visitation. Visitors and residents must always wear a face covering during ALL visits.

  • Visits will be hosted in resident suites, virtual, or outside. Residents have the right to receive visitors of their choosing at the time of their choosing, and in a manner that does not impose on the rights of another resident, such as clinical necessity or safety restriction.
  • Visitation is allowed for all residents at all times, as long as the Core Principles of Infection Prevention and Control are utilized to prevent the spread of COVD-19.
  • If the county COVID-19 community level of transmission is substantial-to-high, all residents and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, should wear face coverings or masks and physically distance at all times.  If the COVID-19 community level of transmission risk is low or moderate and the resident and the visitor are fully vaccinated, residents can choose not to wear source control and have physical touch while in their room or apartment.
  • Visitors regardless of vaccination status, should wear source control and physically distance themselves from other residents or healthcare professionals.
  • We realize that some of our residents may not understand the rules and the reasons for these rules and therefore reserve the right to discontinue visits if deemed unsafe. We need to strive to keep safety as our utmost concern.
  • Visitors participate in a screening upon arrival to the community and must wear face coverings upon entering the community.
  • While it is safer for visitors not to enter the community during an outbreak, visitation is not prohibited however visitors shall be aware of the potential risk and adhere to the core principles of infection prevention and control.
  • It is encouraged that when the community is in substantial or high levels of community transmission, that visitors be tested on their own before coming to the community (2-3 days).
  • While not recommended, residents who are on transmission-based precautions can still receive visitors and visits from ombudsmen.  In this case, visitors must wear full PPE (well-fitting mask, gown, gloves, eye protection).
  • Hand Hygiene – the resident and visitor must practice proper hand hygiene. If you have questions about this, please ask.
  • Social distancing needs to be practiced during all visits.
  • Residents receiving visitors should also be screened with the CDC symptom checklist upon visitor’s arrival. Visitors displaying symptoms should not visit the facility.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high frequency touched surfaces and designated visitation areas after each visit in the community every 2 hours utilizing the checklist for verification
  • The community is prepared for effective cohorting of residents (e.g., separate areas dedicated COVID-19 care).
  • Resident and staff testing conducted as required.
  • We will not be able to honor visits for people who have not adhered to the established guidelines.
  • Fully vaccinated residents are permitted to leave the community without needing to quarantine upon return if they return within less than 24 hours. Quarantine is not recommended for unvaccinated residents who leave the facility for less than 24 hours and do not have close contact with someone with COVID-19.
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