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Bronco Games Bring Back Memories at Chelsea Place Memory Care

It isn’t unusual to encounter memory care residents who can’t remember what they had for breakfast, yet will quickly recall older memories. Sports is one thing that tends to pull forth deeper memories for those challenged by dementia. And, for residents of Chelsea Place Memory Care, that’s especially true if it’s Denver Broncos football!

Every year, Chelsea Place Memory Care in Aurora, Colorado, gets out the Broncos banners, caps and t-shirts and engages their residents in Broncos Game Day activities. This year, the fans at Chelsea Memory Care decided to throw a pre-season Broncos celebration to get ready for the season opener in September. The event attracted local media, including The Denver Channel which dispatched a reporter to cover it.

Jenni Dill, Life Engagement Counselor for Chelsea Place, explained in an interview with The Denver Channel why these events are so popular. “We put on our orange and blue and we do our touchdown signs and our false starts,” she said. “It gets them excited and connected to what’s going on and it’s movement and exercise with purpose,” she added.

These Bronco events give the residents something special to look forward to. This is so important for individuals with dementia in that it provides them with a sense of purpose, something they know will be both fun and familiar. It also makes families feel more connected to their loved ones and gives them peace of mind knowing they are engaging in activities that help tap into old memories.

As to what you’ll hear when you walk through the doors of Chelsea Place Memory Care on a Bronco Day? “It’s game night!” “Whoo hoo!” “Go Broncos!” Take your pick. It’s all good!