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Emerald Place Memory Care Glenview Illinois Residents making gift baskets

‘Tis the Season of Giving Back for Anthem Memory Care Communities

At our Anthem Memory Care communities, we’re all about giving back. From our caring, compassionate team members to our wonderful residents, we’re happiest when we are doing our part to bring happiness to those who are less fortunate and need our help.

The act of working together to help those in need brings many benefits to individuals in general, especially to those living with dementia. Some of these include:

  1. A sense of purpose. Meaningful activities that benefit others awaken a sense of duty in all of us which, in turn, brings a greater realization of self-worth.
  2. A greater connection with those around them. Working together, whether with other residents or with local school children, brings a sense of camaraderie. It also facilitates conversation, something that can be very beneficial to those with dementia.
  3. A feeling of genuine accomplishment. Seeing a job through to completion brings with it a sense of satisfaction, having accomplished something worthwhile.

The end result is an authentic, earned feeling of wellbeing brought about by the knowledge that they have worked together for the greater good.

It is with that spirit in mind that our Anthem communities work with others in our community – schools, charities and other organizations – to engage, along with our residents, in programs that give back. Below are some photos of our residents and staff throughout the year engaging in activities for worthy causes.

Harvester Place Memory Care residents take a short break from donating their time and talents at the local Food Bank.

A Chelsea Place Memory Care resident makes ornaments for the local Ronald McDonald House.

This Harvester Place Memory Care resident works with a local school student to make unique dog toys for the local animal shelter.

A resident of Grace Point Place Memory Care works on a special giant Christmas stocking for local charity.

Willowbrook Place Memory Care residents make goody bags for a local rehabilitation center.

This is the season of giving as well as receiving. If you are caring for a loved one who is living with dementia, take some time to identify local charities and holiday events in your area that are geared towards helping the homeless and other individuals in need over the holidays. There are plenty of opportunities to donate and contribute to worthy causes.

Participating with your loved one, even in a small way, will help give both of you the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and the many benefits that come with it!

(The top image is of a Emerald Place Memory Care resident helping to put together baskets for elderly individuals living alone.)