Our Pledge for the Best In Memory Care


When a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Of course you want them to receive the very best in treatment and care. But you also want them to be treated as an adult with a unique story, someone with personal preferences, abilities and dignity. That is why we make this pledge to you:

  • We will answer all of your questions honestly and completely.
  • We will seek to discover all that is unique and special about your loved one, including their lifetime story and family experiences.
  • We will provide a purpose-filled environment for your loved one that is person-centered to fit their special needs, goals and abilities.
  • We will provide your loved one with highly trained professionals with a passion to serve.

We will keep you and your family connected and involved in every aspect of their care.

One of our happy residents tending to her flowers at Concord Place Memory Care in Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Mother and daughter at Concord Place Memory Care in Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee

Person-Centered Care with Pathways Of Purpose

At Anthem, we take a holistic view of dementia. We take into consideration an individual's biological factors (the type and extent of dementia, comorbidities, and specific cognitive and physical limitations) and psychosocial factors (background, history, preferences, and culture), as well as their faith and spiritual practices. Pathways of Purpose embraces evidence-based practices that focus on enhancing well-being and treats activities not as “busy work” but as life-enhancing interventions. Anthem’s life-engagement strategies are created to bring joy into the lives of residents, their family members, and Anthem team members while alleviating the distress that comes from the experience of memory loss. Anthem Memory Care’s overarching purpose is to protect, engage, and love people living with memory loss. The cornerstone of how that purpose is activated can be found in our life engagement program, Pathways of Purpose.

Technology in Service of Care

We believe in using technology, not as a replacement to care, but to augment and enhance the experience of your loved one. We realize some of our residents are unable to use traditional assistance call systems. We have installed unobtrusive digital technology in our communities in order to monitor the safety of our residents 24/7.

Better Together

Multigenerational programs bring smiles and delight to both young and old. Our communities schedule regular visits from student volunteers and trips to local schools to allow residents to engage with young people. It’s a breath of fresh air to observe as eyes light up, along with lots of smiles and laughter. These tender and spontaneous interactions have a way of sparking memories and connecting residents to those around them in fresh, new ways.