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Vineyard Place Memory Care in Murrieta California

Music Brings Energy and Joy to Our Anthem Communities

Ask any psychologist, physician or healthcare worker and they will tell you how often they have witnessed the transformational qualities of music. Music is powerful medicine, and we have all experienced its ability to energize, soothe and even spark memories from long ago.

That’s why, at our Anthem Memory Care communities, music is an essential ingredient to our days. Our residents, staff and visiting family members all enjoy our musical events.

Whether it’s a visiting classical pianist, a jazz band or country guitar, music never fails to engage and connect. And there is science to back that up.

The Alzheimer’s Association has cited studies conducted on the ability of music to reduce stress and improve behavioral issues among individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. Even in later stages of the disease, these studies have found that listening to music has the ability to raise the spirits and help connect individuals who have long since lost much of their ability to interact with others.

When you walk into an Anthem Memory Care community it’s hard to miss the energy and engagement experienced by residents and staff alike during one of our concerts or impromptu karaoke and dance parties.

We’d like to share a few videos of some of those magical moments:

An energetic drumming session at Chisholm Place Memory Care in Wichita, Kansas!


A rousing rendition of “On the Road Again” at Highline Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado!


Cascade Creek Memory Care residents in Rochester, Minnesota delight to a beautiful piano concert!

If you are caring for a loved one living with dementia, try adding a bit more music into their lives. It’s so easy these days to download music for instant listening. Make it a point to add in some of their old favorites. Sit back and listen together. Get up and dance together. You’ll begin to experience the amazing power of music to connect your loved one to you and those around them.

(Our header image shows a wonderful guitar concert at Vineyard Place Memory Care in Murrieta, California.)