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Our Memory Care Residents Continue to Connect With Their Passions

For some residents, it may be a lifelong love of gardening or a passion for animals. And for others, it is the excitement of going to a baseball game and enjoying a bag of peanuts and a cool drink while they cheer on their favorite team.

And yet, for family members of loved ones diagnosed with dementia it can be challenging to find ways to keep them involved in things they’ve always loved to do. In some cases, it is the concern over health issues, in others it’s simply figuring out how and where to start.

Your loved one’s lifelong passions don’t necessarily have to become faded memories.

We know this because we have witnessed the transformations of residents when they are able to experience, even in small doses, some of the activities and things that brought them so much pleasure years ago.

At our Anthem Memory Care communities our team members spend each day listening to residents and their families and learning about their passions in life. From those insights, they work together with residents and families to design outings and activities to keep residents connected to the things they most enjoy.

Here are just a few of the special moments we’ve had the privilege of sharing with them.

Lifelong baseball fans from Highline Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado, take in a Rockies game.

You can see the joy on the face of this dog loving resident of Emerald Place Memory Care in Glenview, Illinois.

A lifelong lover of “Soul Train” gets a special birthday celebration at Grace Point Place Memory Care in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  

A retired police officer and resident of Porter Place Memory Care in Tinley Park, Illinois, visits the local police department to share memories and experiences.

The weather kept her indoors, but not away from planting her flowers for this resident of Highline Place Memory Care in Littleton, Colorado.

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, consider sitting down with family members and working out a plan to re-engage them with that special activity or event that they used to love. Yes, it will require organizing and compensating for any health and mobility issues. However, by taking some time up front to plan ahead and get help from family members or trusted friends, you experience firsthand the joy it brings to both of you.   

(The header image is one of our favorites! It shows Ray Ruggles, a former shortstop for the Kansas City Cardinals Farm team being filmed by the local KSN News channel as he shows off his jersey. Ray, along with his son and residents of Chisholm Place Memory Care enjoyed watching a Wichita Softball league game. What a fun day that was!)